National Working Committee Meeting, Sadhana Sadan, Civil Lines

New Delhi, July 29, 2009

The meeting started with J John recalling the decisions of NWG meeting in Mumbai. He recalled the following discussions: whether the SSN needs to demand amendments in the present legislation or demand a new legislation and need to be decided in this meeting; approach MPs and Minister and submit a memorandum; have action before District collectorate and submit a memorandum and have a week of action in September and a letter writing campaign.

He also suggested that the Chief justice of the Supreme Court of India has taken a position against the bill as reported by the media and this should be leveraged. He also shared suggestions by Ranjan – invite Meira Kumar and possibly Rahul Gandhi for the national consultation; mobilize people from Bihar and Orissa and also put pressure from all quarters. Further, John suggested that this meeting needs to finalise and submit memorandum to the Ministry of Labour and critique of the bill (attachment 1) could be the beginning point. The Delhi meeting in the evening is intended to broaden the alliance. 

2. Important issues/concerns raised during discussion

2.1. Important to work on a strategy for the campaign

  • Evaluating the campaign is important. It is important to look at issues such as lack of political clout, visibility etc. So discussion on strategies is important. This should be taken up in the convention.
  • There is a need to strengthen the campaign teem
  • An important strategy would be to reach out to the grassroots
  • We need to reach out to people and visibility will come
  • Social security campaign needs to move out from middle class and reach to the grassroots
  • Campaign has to be flexible and include groups from rural areas etc – they should take up social security even as part of their agenda – this will keep it a living campaign

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