National Working Committee Meeting, YUVA Centre

Mumbai on March 28,2008

National Working Groups of 'Social Security Now' meeting was held in Mumbai on March 28, 2008.

The agenda of the group were,

1 To consider the acceptance of singing three songs without charging by Ghazal singer Jagjit Singh and his suggestions.

2 To review Social Security in Budget 2008 and our response.

3 To strategise for possible General Election.

Decision of Meetings

1. The working group will be engaging in dialogue/collaborating with other major sector-wise groups and other groups working on social security:

On May 5 there will be a meeting in Delhi in which we will call major sector-wise groups: transport workers, domestic workers, hawkers, construction workers, agricultural workers, NCL, NTUI, Nacdor, NAPM, Jan Sangarsh Manch, National Fish-workers Forum, NCC-USW, National Forum of Forest Peoples and Forest Workers. The agenda of the meeting will be social security and the general election.

A second meeting will later be called with all central trade unions on the same: social security and the general election.

2. Engagement with celebrities and publicizing the issue:

Social Security Now will work toward the production of a music album to feature:
Ghazals by Jagjit Singh, composed by Nida Fazli and Javed Akhtar. Pravin will coordinate these efforts.
Modern/pop music/lyrics by Vishal Baradwaj, Shekar and Prussun Joshi to be coordinated by Vijayan
Sufi music by Rabi, also to be coordinated by Vijayan.
Possibly engaging the East India Company will be good option.
Plan for an album with 7-8 songs, each having a short intro or narrative about social security and the campaign. Songs by celebrities will not be clubbed in the album.
Production will culminate in a grand launch/release in Bombay with celebrities and a public concert, possibly on August 14th.
Raju Bhise, Cheryl Deutsch, Pravin Mishra will liaise with lyrists and singers to expedite.

Suresh of YUVA, Pravin Mishra of Lok Sangarsh Manch, and RS Tiwari of SSN secretariat will pursue this process. YUVA will be coordinating this team.

3. Action planning towards 500 district workshops campaign:

A meeting will be held on 26 April at ISI in Delhi to plan actions in campaign targeting general election. NCDHR will chair the meeting, and NCC-USW, ISI, CBCI, PWESCR, and Maharashtra Asangathit Suraksha Parishad will attend.

SSN will plan for a meeting of senior news editors in Delhi in mid-May in order to get more press coverage. The committee also discussed using party/local/district papers and media to build the issue, after which the metros will follow.

Every member organization of Social Security Now will receive SSN letterhead to use for fund raising. This will be a decentralized process in which all members are encouraged to apply to funding organisations.

The group thanked YUVA Mumbai and its team for excellent arrangements in hosting the meeting.



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