National Working Committee Meeting, New Delhi

Jamia Hamdard, Delhi on January 19,2008

National Working Groups of Social Security Now in its meeting held in New Delhi on January 19, 2008 deliberated on crucial issues and took important decisions. More then 24 representatives of 17 organisations from eight states attended the meeting.

We have taken the position that we reject insurance based, welfare scheme based, charity based law and demand for a non-contributory comprehensive social security law with employment and livelihood regulation and dispute resolution mechanism. We also demand for 5 per cent of GDP for social security of unorganised informal workers and a reduction of 10 per cent in the budget form defense spending and reallocating this for social security.

Strategy during Budget Session












During budget session nation wide demonstrations associating workers organisations should be organised, rejecting insurance based, welfare scheme based, charity based law and to demand for a non-contributory comprehensive social security law with employment and livelihood regulation and dispute resolution mechanism. Demonstration should also be organised in Delhi at Jantar Manter. Since the demonstrations will be organised during Budget session, we will demand for 5 percent of GDP with Rs 75000 crores budgetary provisions exclusively for social security cost and a reduction of 10 percent from budgetary allocations for defense and its reallocating for social security.

To hold press conference, and meeting with media editors team. Media team shall organise press conference, media contacts, using electronic media, publishing articles etc.

To contact leaders of political parties during the session. In states also contacts with MPs and MLAs to convince them on importance of comprehensive social security for unorganised informal workers.

Dharna and demonstration at Jantar Manter during Budget session and submission of memorandum. The NCC-USW, DSS, HRA and NCDHR will organise mass mobilization of workers. Others will assist in organising the Dharna. The demonstration will be conducted during the first week of budget session.

Post-card campaign and signature campaign will be organised by all organisations of working group in their area/states as per feasibility and within their resources.

i. Legislative Advocacy Strategy Committee, members are: Raju Bhise of YUVA, Vijay Kant Sinha of NIDAN, J.John of CEC and Sandeep Khare of Vigyan Foundation. (Contact person: Raju Bhise of YUVA).

ii. Media Strategy Committee, members are: MJ Vijayan of Delhi Forum, Vasundhra of ISI, Sanjeev of NCDHR, Ramendra of DSS, Priti Darooka of PWSCER, SSN (Punita). Its first meeting shall be held on January 24th in ISI (contact person: MJ Vijayan of DF and Vasundhra of ISI)


Taking National Campaign to 500 districts:

1. District campaign will be organised within a timeframe of three to six months. Timeframe will be flexible. In each district one day long workshop on various issues of social security; a public meeting, songs & street plays, distribution of handouts, involving youth, village level organisations and leaders, politicians; next day press conference and planning by district level group to sustain continuity in campaign.
2. Concept papers, campaign documents, bills for social security proposed by government and NCEUS etc need to be in Hindi and in regional languages.

3. Post-card campaign, signature campaign and submission of memorandums to authorities and politicians including Chief Ministers and Governors should be adopted during district level National Campaign.

4. Responsibilities

a. Raju Bhise from YUVA -Maharastra has taken responsibility of district level workshop in 22 districts. After the monsoon session YUVA will start a mass campaign.

b. Mr. Duarte Barrato from Bangalore-FEDINA has taken the responsibility of district level workshop. FEDINA will do 4-5 workshops in district of Tamilnadu, 3 in Karnataka, 2-3 Bijapur and Bangalore, 1 in Andhra Pradesh and 1 in North Kerala. In addition, some workshops will cover a groups of districts.

c. Rajesh Malviya from Nagpur - Proposed for taking responsibility of MP and Chattisgrah for district level campaign and workshops. YUVA will co-ordination with NIWCID. Prashant will coordinate the campaign in MP.

d. Bir Singh of BIRSA and Subhash Bhatnagar of NCC-USW proposed to accept responsibility of district level campaign-workshop in Chattisgrah, Orissa and Jharkhand.

e. Sandeep Khare of Vigyan Foundation proposed to accept responsibility of district level campaign-workshop in UP

f. Mr. Vijay Kant Sinha said that NIDAN will take the responsibility of Bihar for district level workshops.

g. The responsibilities already taken during Patna meeting for other states will continue as given below:

West Bengal
Andhra Pradesh
Delhi NCR
(Hawkers Fedration)
  National Campaign should have broadly an election strategy in which people forcefully raise their demand for social security and refuse to vote for a leader who does not publicly promise for a comprehensive social security law and funds for social security immediately. The second important part of this campaign should be 'reaching people within one year'.



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