Social Security Now - State level Consultative Meeting, Patna

On May 9, a consultative meeting of 'Social Security Now' was held at the Scada Business Center under the aegis of the Bihar chapter. This meeting was organised by Nidan.

The agenda of the meeting was "Unorganised Workers Social Security Act, 2008"

The meeting was presided over by the renowned journalist and social activist U N Mishra. Ranjan Kumar, Director, Nidan delivered the welcome note and Vijoy Kant contextualised the subject matter of the meeting.

The day long consultation was attended by representatives of trade unions, lawyers of Patna High Court, representatives of the working journalists' association, and representatives of various social organisations working on the issue of social security for unorganised workers. J John, Executive Director of CEC, Delhi and Member, National Working Group of 'Social Security Now' facilitated the meeting.

Addressing the gathering, Mr. J John presented various aspects of social security such as its objectives, the international commitment of the government, the contribution of unorganised workers in the GDP, the regulation for workers, the minimum wages and livelihoods. In its broader sense the term 'social security' includes overall security of a person in the family, the work place and the society, he stated.

In his speech, Mr. Gajnafar Nawab, Deputy General Secretary of AITUC, Bihar criticised that the Act, saying that it is on scheme based whereas rights are totally missing and out of 93 per cent of the unorganised workers only 22 per cent, who are in the BPL list, will be benefited by this.

Mr. Anant Sharma, General Secretary, State Goods Workers Union; Mr. Anil Sharma, Construction Workers Union; Mr. Bindeshwar Singh, Khet Majdoor Union; Mr. Vishwaranjan, PRIA; Sister Lessey, Asha Deep; Mr. Ravindra Kumar Rai, Advocate, Patna High Court; Mr. Vakil Thakur, Trade Union Council; Mr. Arun Kumar, Bihar Working Journalists' Association; Mr. Sudama Singh, Wada Na Todo Abhiyan, Bihar; and Mr. Kapileshwar Ram, Dalit Adhikar Morcha, also shared their views on the issue.

Key Decisions

  • The discussions were focused on strategies and action plans.

  • Members of participating organisations formed a State Organising Committee.

  • The meeting proposed to organise a state level convention on the issues concerning unorganised worker

  • District Level Organising Committees will be formed in the state to campaign on the issue of comprehensive social security act at grass root level.

  • The State Organising Committee will be responsible for adding organisations and groups in the network.

  • A core group committee will monitor and evaluate the grass roots-level work and take necessary decisions on the behalf of the State Organising Committee.

  • After the concluding note by Mr. U N Mishra, Mr. Vijoy Kant Sinha thanked all the participants for attending the meeting and for their valuable contribution.



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