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The Prime Minister of India


 A Call for non-targeted, non-discriminatory, universal social security


We, the members of Social Security Now (SSN), representing workers organisations, people’s movements, organizations campaigning for social security, organisations of dalits, adivasis and other socially disadvantaged groups abiding by the principles of inclusive social and economic justice, gender justice, dignity and security of labour and vulnerable communities, democracy and participation in decision-making, demand the following:

Make comprehensive amendments to the Unorganised Workers’ Social Security Act
(UWSSA) 2008 - including the definition of social security; inclusion of social security benefits in the body of the Act; extension of social security to all people living and working in India irrespective of status or nature of employment, quantum of wages, gender, race or caste; provision for dispute settlement and creation of adequate social security fund

Provide non-targeted, non-discriminatory universal social security by the state for all people living or working in India as a basic right

Social security should ensure health care, protection of child rights, disability benefits, maternity benefits, accident and medical care, unemployment benefits, old age pension and livelihood loss compensation

Social security should address among other things the social inclusion of dalits, nondisplacement of adivasis, housing and land rights of dalits, adivasis and women, vulnerabilities of migrants and recognition of unpaid work of women

Provide 6 per cent of the GDP for non-targeted, non-discriminatory universal social security as all people living and working in India have the right over the wealth collectively produced

Stop privatization of social security benefits

Ensure economic justice by ensuring living wage to all which is need-based not less than the wage of the lowest paid employee of the central government as defined by the Pay Commission and the Indian Labour Conference (ILC), with periodic revision

Ensure that all workers in all work situations must enjoy core labour rights with defined and regulated employment

Ensure that identification of recipients should be simple and friendly and not obstructive and exclusionary


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