SSN holds Chintan Shivir on Universal Social Security, September 29-30, 2010

Chintan Shivir was organised by Social Security Now (SSN) at the YUVA Centre, Mumbai on September 29-30, 2010. The purpose of the chintan shivir as envisaged during the last meeting of the national working group held in Bhopal (August 6, 2010) was to debate, understand the nuances and work out a concept note on universal social security. Earlier during the national convention of the SSN held at Patna (January 8-11, 2010) SSN had given a call for non-targeted, non-discriminatory universal social security. The chintan shivir concluded with a draft text of affirmations on universal social security.

Several issues related to universal social security were discussed including universal social security  from a labour rights perspective and from a human rights perspective, universality and particularity, universality and affirmative action, universality in the context of traditional vulnerabilities, scope of social security in terms of the various tenants of the right to life - right to health, right to education etc, the issue of rights versus entitlements, social security as a rights of workers in India according to national and internal law and in developed countries and universal social security and workers.

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