The unorganised workers are that vast majority of employed, employable unemployed and self employed work force of 423 million which encompass contract labour, casuals, temporaries, home workers, domestic workers, time rated or piece rated, casuals, part time workers, own account workers, agriculture workers, share-croppers, marginal farmers, contractual workers and include women, child labour and old aged workers. Their wages and earnings are generally at subsistence level. They do not get protection of labour laws due to ignorance and very loose enforcement. The unorganised workers are generally denied social security, welfare and health cover. They are not organised in any form of trade unions or associations and generally face inhuman or hostile social environment. Read More.

Latest Activities

SSN Launches signature campaign on non-targeted, non discriminatory universal social security

SSN Launched a signature campaign on non-targeted, non discriminatory universal social security on September 30, 2010 in a public meeting held at Dadar, Mumbai. The meeting was addressed by Shati Patel, freedom fighter and ex-mayor of Mumbai; Ulka Mahajan, Eminent Social Activist and Convenor, NAPM; Raju Bhise, YUVA; Vinay Kumar, NCDHR-NFDLRM; and J John, CEC. On a day when India, especially Mumbai, came to a standstill due to the Ayodhya verdict, over 400 people participated in the meeting, majority of whom were women....Read More

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SSN holds Chintan Shivir on Universal Social Security, September 29-30, 2010

Chintan Shivir was organised by Social Security Now (SSN) at the YUVA Centre, Mumbai on September 29-30, 2010. The purpose of the chintan shivir as envisaged during the last meeting of the national working group held in Bhopal (August 6, 2010) was to debate, understand the nuances and work out a concept note on universal social security...Read More
Demonstration on 5 per cent GDP for Social Security at Jantar Mantar on February 26, 2010

Demanding 5% of GDP allocation towards non –discriminatory, non-targeted universal social security, Social Security Now (SSN) organised a demonstration and rally on February 26, 2010 at Jantar Mantar. About 100 people including workers, representatives of workers’ organisations, civil society organisations, people’s movement and others participated in the demonstration.In response to the union budget 2010, SSN members said that the 1000 crore rupees earmarked for social security for unorganised workers is totally inadequate.Read more..

SSN observed National Action Day, February 23, 2010

National Convention on Social Security for Unorganised Workers, January 8-10, Patna
The three-day national convention on social security for unorganised workers came to an end at Patna on January 10, 2010 with a rally and public meeting attended by over 2000 people.Patna Declaration adopted at the national convention stresses on non discriminatory, non-targeted universal Social Security. The convention brough together unorganised workers, workers organisations, NGOs, networks, advocates, trade unions, peoples’ movements, dalit groups, women’s groups, migrants right organizations and other civil society groups. . ..Read More.
More Events
SSN Memorandum Demands Amendment to Social Security Act
State-level Regional Consultative Meeting – May 9, 2009 at Patna
Memorandum to leaders of various political parties on the eve of General Election – 2009
"Yeh Kaise Azadi Hai" Music Video Release – October 21, 2008 at Mumbai

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